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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cozy Powell - The Light (Music Video)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cozy Powell's Hammer - 1992 - November - 17 - Ludwigsburg

Cozy Powell's Hammer
Scala Theatre,

01. Intro
02. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
03. Shout
04. Stargazer
05. Long Live Rock'n'Roll
06. Back Where I Belong
07. Anno Mundi
08. If It Ain't Worth Fighting For
09. It Ain't Good Enough
10. Crying In The Rain
11. If There Is A Heaven
12. Guitar Solo
13. Since You've Been Gone
14. Lawmaker
15. Ride To Win
16. Drum Solo > 1812 Overture > Drum Solo
17. Headless Cross
18. All Night Long

Band Members :

Tony Martin (vocals)
Mario Parga (guitars)
Neil Murray (bass)
Cozy Powell (drums) 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

73 minutes Jamming with Cozy Powell - Over The Top Album

A short preview of New Year's / Cozy Powell Birthday Tribute to be realized at 29/31 December 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cozy Powell - 1982 - Octopuss Sessions

Cozy Powell
September / October 1982
Britania Row Studios

Recorded in Britannia Row Studios, London, UK September & October 1982 STEREO SBD
(from Original Masters)

This is a upgrade version of bootleg "KILLER" released by Langley.

01-Rattler's Revenge (Up On The Downs)
02-633 Squadron (with Cozy Powell)
03-633 Squadron (Orchestra Rehearsing)
04-Octopuss (Bass & Drum Machine)
05-Big Country (Orchestra Rehearsing)
06-Big Country (with Cozy Powell)
07-Formula One (Backing Track)
09-The Rattler (Version 1)
10-The Rattler (Version 2)
11-The Rattler (Version 3)
12-The Rattler (Version 4)

Cozy Powell
Mel Galley
Colin Hodgkinson
Jon Lord
with John Du Prez & London Philharmonic Orchestra

Bonus Track

13-Tender Babes ("Before I Forget" Test Mix)

Taken from Britannia Row Studios cassette tape which belonged to Cozy Powell

Cozy Powell
Jon Lord
Neil Murray

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