Cozy Powell's 4ever Search

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Cozy Powell - Rock in Rio - 1985

A few days before the festival, many people attended the hotels where the attractions were staying. It was the first Rock festival in Brazil. Oblivious to all political movement that happened in the country, I was just interested to see and hear the bands I liked. Knowing that many were there, very close to us, was the event of the year. Many headbangers managed to enter the hotel and take pictures. As I was a kid was too complicated to let me enter the hotel. I managed to get once, briefly in the pool at the Copacabana Palace, took some pictures of away from Cozy Powell sitting at a table with other people, but these photos came out blurry. Mainly because they said that I could not stay there more than 1 minute. All right, took the photos and went to the outside of the Copacabana Palace. After waiting several hours, a friend of mine came to me, that was the main entrance of the Copacabana Palace and said enthusiastically: "Renato, the Cozy and Bruce are going out the back door!" I ran breathlessly. Suddenly, I see walking, patiently the figure of Cozy Powell. The only words I could speak, were: "Cozy Powell!" He gently reached out and gave a smile, where I could take the pictures that are in this video. Later, walking the Bruce D. you can see me in the picture (the left side of Bruce, running desperately) taken by a friend of mine. At the end of the video also appears the face of crazy here. Honestly, it's very hard to find people like Cozy Powell in the world. Even more in the "mainstream". So, today I honor the great master with my blog and my videos playing tributes. It was all a great life lesson. Cozy Powell was one of the main reasons I still play Drums. Thank you for all, great master!

Rainbow - 1976-12-09 - Osaka - Time Stand Still - FLAC

Rainbow - 1976-12-09 - Osaka - Kill The King